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    need help on attack deck


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    need help on attack deck

    Post  gundamw0 on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:33 am

    I need some advice and suggestion as to how to improve my attack deck. Or rather, what the next logical step, is.

    Right now I have

    8-14 Hild skill 3
    6-6 Hild skill 3
    4-0 Hild Skill 2 (looking to probably replace this one)
    6-6 Ifrit skill 2
    6-6 Titan skill 2

    My problem is that I have hit a wall and don't know how to proceed. A lot of high rankers that I attack, have more than one FF SR, and that gives me problems.

    For a temp solution, I am building a 6-6 Ares and a 6-6 Principality for HW, but those are clearly only used for attack power base, as their skill serves no function regularly.

    So I have a few options that I am juggling. If I can get some comments on these options or perhaps an option that I did not see, it would be great! I am looking for something economical, too:

    Option 1:
    Replace 4-0 Hild with Gilgamesh, and put him at Wing. (5th spot). OR put him and Titan on top 2 spots and fight high ranked man realm players. This increases my attack base by 8k. But the problem being... its a VERY long term goal. SR's are just too expensive =( Assuming I will do a 6max solution, or even a 4max, would cost about 580 for 4max. So that's like 7k more base attack for 580 hp.

    Option 2:
    Replace Hild with 6-6 Mayahuel. Probably 240 hp in total, a fraction of what it cost for Gligamesh, but then, if I do another HR card, would that set me back in working on an SR deck? A Mayahuel will only grant me 3k more base attack. So the question is, if 3k more attack is worth about 240 hp in total.

    Option 3:
    Replace Hild with another 6-6 Titan, boosting the attack by about 3.5k in total on base, and having the 2 6-6 titan sit in center to make it a man realm hitter deck. It will take about 125 hp to accomplish that, but this is a severely short sighted solution. 125 hp for 3.5k more base attack but probably need to be replaced immidately.

    Option 4:
    Replace Hild with Hermes. But I suspect this one to be greatly problematic in terms of cost, too.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  suNgsta on Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:36 am

    all of the above.. nah i would replace the 4-0 hild for now..

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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  Kiskaa on Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:14 am

    You also have to consider, not just the attack power, but the synergy between skills, which is just as useful.

    for example, you want not just boost to attack, but to be able to reduce your attackers defence.

    This is how I have mine setup ( demon realm I know, but the principle of synergy is identical )

    1) Great hit to defence all
    2) Big Boost to attack Demon ( in your case you would want god if your a god realm player
    3) Big hit to all
    4) Big hit to defence god
    5) I have no useful skill her.

    But the synergy there is card 1 - 3
    Hit to defence, reducing your apponants defences obviously
    and the Boost to your own damage.

    This is where you want to get your skills as high as possible
    Assuming your not rolling with a mixed deck, your boost wants to be of god realm as this will be greater than using all realms.
    So look for cards based around working with synergy.

    But ofc, SR cards are going to be superior to HR cards, thats the whole idea, so dont be supprised, when your Hitting SR decks with your HR cards, that your not always breaking through.

    This is the point to where you need to move into the SR market.

    But first of all, I agree, replace your 4:0 hild with something alot more useful and with decent attack.

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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  gundamw0 on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:42 pm

    well, temporarily, I have replaced it with a 6-6 Ares as a wing card. (15k atk). I can also finish up my Principality and use that one as a wing card too (17k).

    The question would then becomes getting a Gilgamesh, but I think the main problem at the end, is cost.

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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  riceetr on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:45 pm

    Yea general rule of thumb is cards with good boosts or debuffs in the middle 3 slots and heavy hitters on the wings. I have 80k atk after realm and order buffs BC I don't run cards that buff my atk, but if my center 3 cards proc I drop an opponents defence 31%. I have taken out first hit a deck with 2 Max lances, Max long, and Max captians on the outside. Hilds aren't bad to run as center 3, but on the outside maybe principality or titan. If you have crap evo hilds you'd pickup not only 8-10k atk but when the hilds boost probably 12-15k over your current deck.

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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  stalki on Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:46 am

    1 hild is enough in the middle
    2 ifrits second and third place

    then only 2 hard att cards

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    Re: need help on attack deck

    Post  searingshadows on Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:32 am

    First try to lvl ur skills for higher procs, its a game of %. Ok kiskaa is correct the best first 2 pos synergy is hit-boost. I would put maya first then ur valk then ifrit. The last two pos are high stat positions

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    Re: need help on attack deck

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