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    Sad News Everyone... Elmo the Thief


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    Sad News Everyone... Elmo the Thief Empty Sad News Everyone... Elmo the Thief

    Post  suNgsta on Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:44 pm

    For those that hasn't heard... Darrylmiller lent Elmo(Adragonsdeath who i gave leadership to) FF Trow and FF Rahu so he can be stronger during the war. Unfortunately after the war ended elmo went missing and wiped out his account and stole darryl's cards. I have e-mailed developer hoping we can get the leadership back but what would the developer do? It is an unfortunate incident and I'm mad at myself for trusting him with leadership. If we do get our leadership back then we can continue to rebuild.. if not we may have to go our separate ways..

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